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Amendment #2758:   Requires the VA to publish information on the provision of health care, including delays in care and outcomes of medical services. Additional information here.

Amendment #2759: To strike section 301, relating to the expansion of eligibility for VA coverage to those currently not eligible. Additional information here.

Amendment #2760: To allow veterans to go to the health care provider of their choice. Additional information here.

Amendment #2761: To require the VA to carry out a pilot program to provide health care and services to individuals through non-VA entities to ensure more timely care with better outcomes for veterans currently experiencing excessive delays in accessing care. Additional information here.

Amendment  #2762: To limit the implementation of new programs and expansion of existing programs until the VA meets certain metrics, including reduced wait times and increased quality of medical care for our national heroes. Additional information here.

Additional Information on the bill and the VA:

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