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Senator Tom Coburn today objected to passage of a bill supporters claim would help prevent veterans’ suicides but would actually do little to actually fix the broken VA health system that is failing to adequately care for veterans.

“Instead of holding VA bureaucrats accountable to ensure existing efforts are meeting the mental health needs of veterans, this bill would duplicate programs the VA which the agency has already failed to manage,” Coburn said.

“All Americans-- veterans and taxpayers alike-- should be outraged at this tragic situation.  Those calling my office in support of this bill should instead be calling the VA demanding the agency and their own member of Congress demanding that they keep the promise to care for veterans.”

While well-intentioned, H.R. 5059 would do little to change or improve the deplorable situation at the VA, which is providing substandard medical care for the country’s military heroes.  The bill creates several new programs at the VA and authorizes $22 million in new federal spending.  In almost every case, however, the VA already has the tools and authorities it needs to address these serious problems.  Further concerns with the legislation can be viewed here.  

“Congress should hold VA bureaucrats accountable for their failing programs and substandard medical care instead of passing legislation that will do little to solve the tragic challenge of veteran suicides.” said Senator Coburn.  “Our military heroes deserve more than false promises. It is dishonest for Congress to pretend that passing yet another bill will finally solve the challenges plaguing the VA.”

“The VA has proven that questions need to be asked before it is entrusted with the lives of veterans or the money of taxpayers. The only way Congress can help the VA solve this problem is through rigorous oversight, to ensure the promises we’ve already made are being carried out. New programs and new funding is not the answer, but give false hope to those already suffering.”

More than 1,000 veterans have died a result of poor medical care and waiting lines at the VA, found Friendly Fire: Death, Delay, and Dismay at the VA, a report on mismanagement at the VA released by Dr. Coburn earlier this year.  Among its findings, the report exposed the failure of the VA in addressing the mental health needs of our servicemen and women.  The VA failed to meet its 14-day goal in 34 percent of new mental health appointments in the areas of psychiatry, psychology, post-traumatic stress disorder, and substance abuse in 2013.

“This is a serious issue and needs a serious response.  Only in Washington would someone think the answer is to give more money and responsibility to an agency that has made headlines all year for providing substandard care, long delays for veterans to see a health care provider, and mismanagement,” said Coburn.  “Instead of pretending this bill will somehow fix the problem—which the President just signed a $10 billion bill in August to address—is typical Washington.”

As a physician, Dr. Coburn believes veterans should have access to the best medical are and any doctor they choose, not locked inside this broken system that clearly does not have the necessary mix of providers needed to care for vets in a timely manner.  The legislation he introduced with Senators McCain and Burr, the Veteran’s Choice Act, was the basis for giving veterans more choice and accessibility to medical providers and non-VA hospitals in veteran’s hometowns.

“How many bills need to be passed before Congress realizes the VA is unaccountable and takes real actions to ensure the fulfillment of the promises made to our veterans?” 

A video of the speech is here

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Date Title
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9/19/13 Chairman Carper, Ranking Member Coburn Continue Oversight in Wake of Navy Yard Shooting
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9/18/13 Bennet, Coburn Amendment Reduces Government Waste by Consolidating IT Infrastructure
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Date Title
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8/12/13 Dr. Coburn to Host August Town Hall Meetings in Oklahoma
8/6/13 Sequester This: Dr. Coburn Pens New Letter to Judiciary Questioning Lavish Conferences Amid Sequestration Reductions
8/2/13 Chairman Carper, Ranking Member Coburn Introduce Bipartisan Postal Reform Bill
Date Title
7/31/13 Dr. Coburn and Senator Paul Introduce Legislation to Restore Constitutional Limitations on Congressional Power
7/30/13 Congressional Research Service: Government Shutdown Does Not Shut Down Obamacare
7/30/13 OPED: On the Budget, Let's Take Action Where We Agree
7/29/13 Bipartisan Group of Senators Introduce Legislation to Better Manage Federal Property
7/25/13 Dr. Coburn Releases Hold Letter on Generalized System of Preferences Extension Bill
7/25/13 Carper, Coburn Introduce Legislation to Curb Improper Payments to Deceased Individuals
7/25/13 Dr. Coburn's Statement for the Record on Nomination Hearing for Alejandro Mayorkas
7/24/13 Carper, Coburn Introduce Legislation to Curb Improper Payments to Deceased Individuals
7/24/13 Dr. Coburn Sends Finance Committee List of 25 Tax Extenders to Eliminate
7/24/13 Senators Introduce Bill to Limit Lavish Government Conferences
7/23/13 Dr. Coburn Offers Amendments to the Transportation and HUD Appropriations Bill
7/18/13 Dr. Coburn Releases Correspondence with DHS Regarding Ammunition Purchases
7/18/13 Bipartisan Group of Senators Reach Deal to Lower Rates for All Students
7/17/13 Senators Introduce Bill to Limit Use of “Official Time” in Federal Workforce
7/11/13 Sequester This: Dr. Coburn Asks Department of Education to Prioritize Student Support Programs Over Lavish Conferences
7/10/13 Thune, Senate Republicans Call on President to Permanently Delay ObamaCare for All
7/10/13 Dr. Coburn Questions HHS Financial Management in Joint Letter with Rep. Boustany
7/10/13 Drs. Coburn and Boustany Question HHS Secretary Sebelius, Say Audit Reveals “Ongoing Significant Weaknesses in HHS’ Financial Management”
7/10/13 Dr. Coburn Asks GAO to Conduct Full Review of IRS' Non-Profit Oversight
7/9/13 How the House Can Get Immigration Reform Right
7/3/13 Dr. Coburn’s Statement on Administration’s Decision to Delay Employee Mandate
7/3/13 Coburn Ask IRS to Clarify Practices for Employees Paid to do Union Work Full-Time in Joint Letter with Rep. Gingrey
7/2/13 Levin, Coburn Release GAO Report Finding U.S. Corporations Pay an Average Effective Tax Rate of 12.6 Percent
Date Title
6/27/13 Dr. Coburn’s Statement on Passage of Senate Immigration Bill
6/27/13 Bipartisan Group of Senators Forge Student Loan Compromise
6/27/13 Senators Reject Department of Interior’s Federal Hydraulic Fracturing Regulation with Introduction of FRESH Act
6/27/13 Senators Manchin, Burr, Coburn, Alexander, King Introduce Bipartisan Permanent Student Loan Solution
6/27/13 Dr. Coburn’s Statement on DOMA Ruling
6/26/13 The Obama Administration’s Decision Terminates the Insure Oklahoma Program
6/26/13 Senators Coburn, McCain, Ayotte Ask that the U.S. Department of the Air Force Meet Their NDAA Deadline in Letter to Acting Secretary Fanning
6/21/13 Senators Question Tavenner on Effectiveness of New Innovation Center
6/21/13 Senators Request GAO Probe CO-OP Projects Under Health Reform Law
6/20/13 Senators Express Concerns With Navigator Proposed Regulation in Letter to Secretary Sebelius
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6/20/13 Sequester This: Coburn Finds Little Evidence of Sequester Diet at USDA as Agency Binges on Spending
6/20/13 Dr. Coburn Offers Amendments to Immigration Bill
6/19/13 Senators Klobuchar, Toomey, Shaheen, and Coburn Request That The GAO Examine Price Transparency for Medicare Beneficiaries
6/19/13 Coburn Asks Treasury To Stop Making Excuses and Release Conference Spending
6/18/13 Boxer, Coburn Praise Senate Passage of the Hope Act
6/17/13 McCaskill, Coburn Seek Support from Colleagues on Revision to Health Care Law
6/14/13 Examining Medicare Spending: What’s Realistic to Expect?
6/13/13 By The Numbers: Entitlements Drive Spending
6/13/13 Washington's Leadership Crisis
6/13/13 Sequester This: Dr. Coburn Urges DOJ to Stop Crying Wolf on Sequester and Address Abundance of Wasteful Spending
6/10/13 Senators Carper, Coburn and Congressmen Roskam, Carney Lead Bipartisan Effort to Combat Billions of Dollars in Waste, Fraud and Abuse in Medicare and Medicaid
6/6/13 Bipartisan Senate Coin Legislation Offers Taxpayer Savings, Deficit Reduction
6/6/13 GAO Report Highlights Defense Department’s Failure to Curb Improper Payments
6/6/13 Senators Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Reduce Overlapping Benefit Payments
6/5/13 Dr. Coburn Asks Why IRS Conferences Were Omitted in Previous Treasury Response
6/5/13 Dr. Coburn Asks VA to Clarify Policy on Employees Paid to do Union Work While Veterans Face Backlog
6/3/13 Chairman Carper, Ranking Member Coburn Highlight Release of Federal Program Inventory
6/1/13 TEST
Date Title
5/31/13 #SequesterThis: Congress Should Lead By Example and Address Waste in the Legislative Branch
5/29/13 Dr. Coburn Questions Secretary Sebelius' Solicitation of Private Funds to Implement Health Care Reform
5/23/13 Senators Coburn and Pryor Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Require Federal Employees to Pay Federal Taxes
5/21/13 Dr. Coburn Offers Amendments to Farm Bill
5/21/13 Dr. Coburn’s Statement on Oklahoma Tornadoes
5/20/13 Dr. Coburn Questions HUD on Use of Disaster Aid Funds Spent on Television Advertisements
5/17/13 Senators Question Reports of FAA Salary Bonuses as Sequestration Approached
5/16/13 Senators Coburn, Burr React to GAO Report on Hospital Payment Modification
5/16/13 Senate Doctors Introduce Bill To Stop Adoption of ICD-10 Codes
5/16/13 New CRS Memo Shows HHS Secretary is the IPAB-of-One
5/15/13 Senators Coburn, Burr Introduce Bill to Prevent Unrealistic Medicaid FMAP
5/15/13 GAO Report Identifies Cost-Saving Strategies for Contracting for Services
5/14/13 Chairman Carper, Ranking Member Coburn Highlight GAO Report on Data Center Consolidation Progress
5/14/13 Dr. Coburn Outlines Necessary Conditions for Unanimous Consent Agreements in Letter to Senate Colleagues
5/9/13 Senators Hatch, Carper, Coburn, McCaskill, Johnson Follow Up on HHS' Use of Surety Bonds
5/7/13 Dr. Coburn Offers Amendments to the Water Resources Development Act
5/7/13 Social Security Report Calls for Increased Attention to the Death Master File
5/6/13 GAO Report Outlines Improper Federal Employees’ Compensation Payments
5/6/13 Dr. Coburn Asks Treasury to Outline Plan for Addressing the Debt Limit
5/1/13 GAO Report Describes Medicaid Improper Payments
5/1/13 Sequester This: Interior Department Counting Sheep While Threatening to Reduce Flood Predicting Programs
5/1/13 Chairman Carper, Ranking Member Coburn Continue Oversight of Boston Bombings
Date Title
4/24/13 Dr. Coburn Offers Amendments to the Marketplace Fairness Act
4/24/13 Senators Coburn and Udall Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Prevent Duplication and Overlap of Federal Programs
4/24/13 Sequester This: Coburn Asks FAA to Address $1.2 Billion in Potential Savings Before Scapegoating Sequestration for Flight Delays
4/23/13 Burr, Coburn, Thune Introduce Public Employee Pension Transparency Act
4/18/13 Dr. Coburn Criticizes the FAA’s Decision to Furlough Air Traffic Controllers Instead of Making Smart Cuts
4/18/13 Change Medicare to Save Medicare
4/17/13 Coburn and Upton Issue Statement on FDA Opioid Drug Application Ruling
4/17/13 Dr. Coburn Files Amendment to Replace Manchin-Toomey
4/16/13 New GAO Report Calls for Improved Reporting of the Effectiveness of Training Programs for Federal Acquisition Personnel
4/16/13 GOP Senators Release White Paper on Health IT, Cite Concerns
4/16/13 Coburn Asks Treasury to Investigate Athletic Charitable Organizations
4/12/13 Chairman Carper, Ranking Member Coburn Thank DHS Deputy Secretary Jane Holl Lute For Her Service
4/12/13 Why I’m Fighting to Protect Gun Rights
4/12/13 Dr. Coburn Pens Letter to Senate Colleagues on Gun Control Legislation Files
4/11/13 Dr. Coburn’s Statement on Vote to Begin Debate on Second Amendment Issues
4/10/13 Dr. Coburn’s Statement on Manchin-Toomey Proposal
4/10/13 Coburn Statement on USPS Board of Governors Decision to Back Away From Modified Delivery
4/10/13 Duplication Nation: Dr. Coburn Urges Administration to Take Action on Findings from New GAO Report
4/9/13 Chairman Carper, Ranking Member Coburn Highlight Report Detailing Potentially Duplicative Government Programs and Wasteful Spending
4/9/13 Duplication Nation: New Report Finds $95 Billion in Waste and Duplication
4/8/13 Alexander, Burr, Johanns, Coburn, Cornyn Call on Obama Administration to Reexamine Plan to “Undermine Care” by Raising the Cost of In-home Companion Care
4/4/13 GAO Report Finds Overlap with Information-Sharing, Problems with Fusion Centers
4/3/13 Dr. Coburn Asks HUD to Prevent Improper Hurricane Sandy Payments After New Report Identifies $700 Million Misspent Post Katrina
Date Title
3/28/13 Senators Hatch, Grassley, Coburn Request Information on CMS Moratorium Authority in Letter to Secretary Sebelius
3/28/13 Duplication Nation: New Report Identifies 82 Fragmented Federal Wind-Related Programs Costing Billions
3/27/13 Sequester This: Dr. Coburn Calls on Agencies to Cut AWOL Workers Before Furloughing Critical Employees
3/27/13 Dr. Coburn Releases Letter Exchange Regarding DHS Grants Being Used to Pay Police Overtime
3/22/13 Dr. Coburn to Host Town Hall Meetings in Oklahoma
3/21/13 Coburn Offers Amendments to the Senate Budget, Says Everyone is Part of the Solution
3/21/13 Coburn and Issa to USPS: Use Your Authority to Proceed with Modified Six-Day Delivery Plans
3/20/13 Senate Votes to Protect Wine Trains over White House Tours; Limits Political Science Grants
3/13/13 Dr. Coburn Offers Amendments to 587-Page, $1 Trillion Continuing Resolution to Fund the Government
3/13/13 Sequester This: Dr. Coburn Calls on Treasury to Place Priority on Tax Payers Instead of Tax Collectors
3/12/13 Sequester This: Dr. Coburn Calls on National Science Foundation to Focus on Transformative Science; Eliminate Funds for Robot Rodents and Attendance to Snow Mobile Conferences
3/8/13 Dr. Coburn Releases Letter to Sen. Schumer on Gun Negotiations Files
3/8/13 Sequester This: Coburn Calls on HUD to Stop Overpaying Slumlords, Housing Authority Executives in Order to Prevent Low-Income Families from Being Evicted
3/7/13 Sequester This: Dr. Coburn Calls on FAA to Stop Hiring Community Planners and Program Assistants, Institute Reforms to Programs Not Releated to Flight Safety
3/6/13 Sequester This: Potentially Furloughed Employees Stay Home Because of SnowQuester, But Feds Still Hiring for Nonessential Positions
3/5/13 Dr. Coburn Releases Joint Letter to FDA on Abuse-Deterrent Opioid Drugs
3/4/13 Sequester This: Dr. Coburn Calls on USDA to Cancel Conferences and Instead Inspect Food
Date Title
2/28/13 Sequester This: Dr. Coburn Introduces Bipartisan Bill to Reduce Federal Vehicle Budget
2/26/13 Sequester This: Dr. Coburn Issues Outline of Immediate Areas For Agencies to Save as Sequester Approaches, Highlights Oversight Reports
2/26/13 Dr. Coburn Urges Consolidation of Duplicative Programs and Positions to Lessen Sequestration Effects in Letter to OMB
2/26/13 Dr. Coburn Asks DOD to Cut Waste Before Furloughing Essential Personnel
2/25/13 Dr. Coburn Urges DHS to Focus Sequestration Cuts on Wasteful and Duplicative Low-Priority Projects First, Lists Examples
2/25/13 Dr. Coburn Questions Staffing Priorities of Agency Managers in Letter to OMB as Sequestration Approaches
2/22/13 Dr. Coburn Calls for Administration to Cancel 100 City Tour Promoting Federal Spending on Eve of Sequestration in Letter to OMB
2/12/13 Senate Rejects Amendments Protecting Victims of Sex Crimes
2/7/13 Dr. Coburn's Amendments to S. 47, the Violence Against Women Act
2/6/13 Coburn, Issa Support Postal Service Modified Saturday Delivery Plan
2/5/13 Dr. Coburn’s Statement Regarding the President’s Remarks on Sequestration
Date Title
1/30/13 Coburn, McCaskill Introduce Bill to End Medicare Payment Gimmick in Health Reform Law
1/23/13 Coburn, Mark Udall Introduce Bill to End Taxpayer Subsidies for Party Conventions in 113th Congress
1/16/13 Dr. Coburn’s Statement on President Obama’s Gun Control Proposals
1/8/13 Why the Foreign Assistance Transparency and Accountability Act does Nothing for Transparency or Accountability
1/2/13 Dr. Coburn’s Statement on Fiscal Cliff Vote
Date Title
12/20/12 Acting HHS General Counsel Bill Schultz's Q&A from Nomination Hearing
12/19/12 Prescription for Trouble
12/18/12 Dr. Coburn Submits Amendments to the Sandy Supplemental Bill
12/10/12 Dr. Coburn Asks President and Congressional Leaders to Tackle Tax Code in Fiscal Cliff Negotiations
12/6/12 Dr. Coburn Outlines Ten Special-Interest Expenditures Hidden in Tax Code Files
Date Title
11/29/12 Dr. Coburn Sends Letter to Gene Dodaro, Comptroller General of the Government Accountability Office, Regarding Future GAO Duplication Reports
11/29/12 Two New Studies Shed New Light on GOP Senators' Concerns With Federal Electronic Health Record Incentives Program
11/28/12 Dr. Coburn's Amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act
11/26/12 Dr. Coburn's Amendments to the Sportsmen's Bill
11/16/12 Dr. Coburn’s Exchange of Letters with Francis Collins, Director of the National Institute of Health, Regarding Legislative Mandates for Disease Specific Research
11/15/12 Senator Coburn’s Speech to the American Spectator’s Annual Dinner "A Valley Forge Moment for Conservatives"
Date Title
10/23/12 Dr. Coburn Sends Letter to Governor Fallin Highlighting Concerns With Potential Medicaid Expansion
10/3/12 Dr. Coburn's Letter to USDA Secretary Vilsack Regarding Regulations on School Lunches
Date Title
9/13/12 Dr. Coburn's Amendments to the Veterans Job Corps Act of 2012
9/13/12 Social Security Disability Programs: Improving the Quality of Benefit Award Decisions
Date Title
8/6/12 OPM Responds to Coburn's Request for Explanation, Legal Basis Regarding New Rule Extending FEHBP Coverage to Temporary Firefighters
8/3/12 HRSA Responds to GAO Findings & Senators' Request for Plan to Address Deficiencies, Ineffective Management at HRSA
8/2/12 Dr. Coburn Offers Alternative Way to Pay for S. 3326 (AGOA, CAFTA-DR, BURMA) Trade Bill
8/1/12 Dr. Coburn Expresses Concerns Over Earmarked Funding in the National September 11 Memorial & Museum Act
Date Title
7/31/12 Dr. Coburn's Amendments to the Cybersecurity Bill
7/12/12 Dr. Coburn Files Amendments Prohibiting Subsidies for Millionaires and Tax Cheats, Scaling Back Medicare Benefits for the Wealthy, and Repealing the Obamacare Health Insurance Tax
Date Title
6/19/12 Farm Bill Amendments Update
6/12/12 Dr. Coburn's Amendments to the S. 3240, Farm Bill
Date Title
5/29/12 ICD-10 Implementation Date: Better Never Than Later?
5/24/12 Senate Agrees on National Flood Insurance Program Files
5/22/12 Dr. Coburn's Amendments to the FDA User Fee Bill
5/21/12 GAO Report Confirms Warnings From Drs. Coburn, Barrasso About Obamacare Small Business Tax Credit
5/17/12 Dr. Coburn Asks the RNC & DNC to Reject Public Financing For Political Party Conventions
5/15/12 Facts About Duplication & Overlap in the Federal Government
5/9/12 HHS Announces 26 Grants From Innovation Center But Data Suggests It’s Likely A Waste of Money
Date Title
4/25/12 Dr. Coburn's Efforts to Limit Spending on Government Conferences
4/25/12 Dr. Coburn's Duplication Consolidation Amendment to the Violence Against Women Act
4/24/12 New CMS Medicare Rule Affirms Coburn's Warning of Special Massachusetts "Bay State Bailout" Under President's Healthcare Law
4/23/12 Medicare Actuary Warns Program’s Financing Outlook Could Be More Dire Than Official Projections Files
4/19/12 Dr. Coburn's Amendments to the Postal Reform Bill
Date Title
3/29/12 New Survey: 75% of Physicians Largely Oppose the Affordable Care Act, the President’s Healthcare Law
3/28/12 Dr. Coburn Filed the Following Amendments to Repeal Big Oil Tax Subsidies Act
3/27/12 Joint Committee on Taxation Confirms Tax Increases in President’s Health Care Law
3/9/12 Dr. Coburn & Colleagues Requests HHS Release Study on Head Start Program
3/8/12 Senate to Vote on Coburn Duplication Amendment #1738 to the Highway Bill, S.1813
Date Title
2/28/12 New GAO Report Exposes More Duplication & Overlap in the Federal Government
2/27/12 The National Rural Health Association Voices Opposition to the Special Deal for Massachusetts under the New Health Care Law
2/16/12 Coburn, Burr Introduce Plan to Save Medicare, the Seniors’ Choice Act
2/14/12 Dr. Coburn Filed the Following Amendments to the Highway Bill (S.1813)
Date Title
1/30/12 Dr. Coburn Filed the Following Amendments to the STOCK Act
1/9/12 Senators Coburn & Scott Brown Send Letter to CMS Acting Administrator Asking on Implementing Recommendations to Reduce Medicare Fraud
Date Title
12/23/11 Dr. Coburn Urges Review of Disability Claims & Potentially Fraudulent Practices of Law Firm
12/13/11 Coburn, Hatch Request Explanation from HHS Over Lack of Transparency & Oversight in CMS
12/8/11 Sens. Coburn & Feinstein Circulate Letter to Colleagues on Expiring Ethanol Subsidies
Date Title
11/30/11 Unemployment Insurance Program: Billions of Dollars of Waste, Fraud and Mismanagement
11/30/11 Dr. Coburn Asks the Senate to Vote on His Amendment Providing Funding to Students & Local Schools By Closing Unnecessary Defense Dept Schools
11/30/11 New CRS Report on How to Repeal the New Health Care Law
11/29/11 Sens. Coburn & Hatch Send Follow-Up Letter to CMS Outlining Concerns with Medicare Provider Enrollment Programs
11/17/11 Dr. Coburn Supports State-Based Health Insurance Exchanges
11/2/11 Administration Fails to Meet Deadlines In Its Own Health Law
Date Title
10/18/11 Dr. Coburn Filed the Following Amendments to the "Minibus" 2012 Appropriations Bill
10/14/11 Dr. Coburn & Senator Boxer Request Examination on Questions of Law School Transparency
10/7/11 CRS Report on Majority Leader Reid Limiting Debate by Filling the Amendment Tree
10/6/11 If You Like the Health Plan You Have, Your Employer Might Drop It
10/4/11 Dr. Coburn Offers Amendment to Prohibit Foreign Aid For Countries Owning U.S. Debt Files
Date Title
9/29/11 Dr. Coburn & Colleagues Address Unfair Cuts to GAO's Budget, Request Explanation from Senate Appropriators
9/26/11 National Coalition on Health Care to Super Committee: Pass the FAST Act
9/21/11 Dr. Coburn Sends Letter to Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction Regarding Tax Expenditures
9/21/11 New Report Shows New Healthcare Law Main Impediment to Job Creation
9/20/11 Sens. DeMint, Lee, Coburn & Johnson Address Concerns Regarding Duplicative & Wasteful Federal Autism Programs
9/15/11 Dr. Coburn Files Amendment #610 to Offset $7 Billion FEMA Funding Bill
9/14/11 Dr. Coburn Calls on Congress to Adopt Amendment to Aviation & Surface Transportation Bill to Allow States to Prioritize Critical Infrastructure Needs, Remove Mandate Forcing States to Spend Funds on "Transportation Enhancements"
9/13/11 FAST Act Facts: Dr. Coburn's Anti-Fraud Medicare & Medicaid Bill
9/13/11 FACT CHECK: Examining The President’s Claims on Medicare
9/9/11 Re-examining PPACA’s Federally-Mandated Medical Loss Ratios
9/8/11 Dr. Coburn Calls Up His Amendment to the Patent Reform Bill
Date Title
8/22/11 Letter Requesting Transportation Secretary LaHood Provide Full Justification of Subsidy Cut Waivers
8/17/11 The Truth About Retirement Benefits for Members of Congress
8/16/11 New Report Shows 4 out of 5 Seniors Could Save Money From Medigap Reform
8/11/11 Concerns with the Institute of Medicines’ Review of the FDA’s 510(k) Process, Waste of $1.3 Million Taxpayer Dollars
Date Title
7/27/11 9,000,000,000,000 Ways to Balance the Budget
7/22/11 Dr. Coburn on C-SPAN's Washington Journal This Morning
Date Title
6/29/11 Dr. Coburn Introduces Amendment #521 to Identify & Prevent the Creation of More Government Duplication
6/22/11 Dr. Coburn Filed an Amendment to S.679, Requiring All Legislation To Be Reviewed for Duplication Before Considered by the Senate
6/9/11 Today, Dr. Coburn Filed an Amendment to Eliminate Ethanol Subsidies to S. 782, the EDA Reauthorization Bill
6/7/11 What Others Are Saying About the Coburn-Burr-Chambliss Medicaid Bill, S. 1031
Date Title
5/24/11 Dr. Coburn & Colleagues Send Letter to Secretary Sebelius & CMS Administrator Berwick Regarding Proposed ACO Regulation
5/23/11 CRS Report Findings Indicate Committees Are Primary Source of Backlog in the Senate Confirmation Process
5/18/11 Dr. Coburn Requests Investigation on Eligibility of Certain Individuals Collecting Social Security Disability Insurance
5/13/11 Don’t Miss These Details
Date Title
4/13/11 New Report Reveals Overbilling of Treasury Department by Law Firms, Misuse of TARP Funds
4/4/11 Dr. Coburn's amendments to cut spending by $20 billion
Date Title
3/29/11 Coburn Questions ATR's Defense of Ethanol Tax Earmark
3/24/11 Organizations Send Letters of Support for Eliminating Ethanol Tax Credit
3/24/11 New CRS Report Reveals $4.8 Billion in Earmarks Left Out of Spending Bill
3/21/11 CRS Confirms White House Could Recess Appoint Controversial Medicare Czars
3/18/11 GOP Senators Call on President to Show Leadership on Entitlement Reform
3/17/11 Medicare Ad Wars: Propaganda vs. Program Integrity, 4 to 1?
3/16/11 Dr. Coburn Co-Sponsored Sen. Snowe's Amendment to Eliminate the National Veterans Business Development Corporation (TVC)
3/10/11 Drs. Coburn & Boustany Send Letter to HHS Secretary Sebelius Concerning Findings in HHS Financial Audit
3/9/11 Sens. Coburn, Cardin receive letter of support from over 34 organizations for their bill to eliminate ethanol subsidies
3/3/11 Dr. Coburn files bill to enforce the President's recommendations for program terminations, saving billions
3/3/11 New Report: Medicaid Expansion Will Cost States $118 Billion
3/3/11 Today, GOP Senators Sent a Letter Notifying Leadership of Their Intent to Object to Any Bill That Grows the Size or Cost of the Government
3/1/11 Dr. Coburn's Amendment to S.23, the Patent Reform Bill
Date Title
2/18/11 Today CBO released a full score of repealing the Democrats’ health overhaul
2/18/11 Sens. Coburn, Crapo & Chambliss Respond to Charges that Plan to Avert Debt Crisis Violates American Tax Reform's Pledge
2/17/11 Sens. Coburn & McCaskill Filed a Bill That Would Collect Unpaid Taxes From Federal Employees
2/17/11 Sens. Coburn & Carper Send Letter to GAO and Other Agencies Regarding Unobligated Balances in the Federal Government
2/16/11 Dr. Coburn Has Filed the Following Five Amendments to the FAA Reauthorization Bill
2/10/11 CBO Director Confirms the Health Law Causes a Reduction of 800,000 Workers
2/7/11 Financial Audit of the Department of Health & Human Services Reveals Concerning Findings for FY2010
2/7/11 Dr. Coburn Signs Letter with GOP Colleagues to Speaker Boehner Regarding Greater Spending Reductions
2/1/11 Dr. Coburn Urges Military Joint Chiefs of Staff to Focus on Improving Financial Management at DoD
Date Title
1/26/11 Dr. Coburn Co-Sponsors Bill to Repeal Job-Killing Tax on Medical Devices
1/24/11 Repealing the Federal Health Law Saves American Taxpayers Money
1/7/11 Dr. Coburn's office finds new evidence of unused Congressional Records wasting taxpayer dollars
1/6/11 CBO’s Initial Findings On Repealing The Health Overhaul: Lower Premiums, Reduced Costs to Taxpayers
1/4/11 Laudable Provisions in Fiscal Commission Health Care Recommendations
Date Title
12/21/10 Detailed Outline of Dr. Coburn's Position on The James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act
12/15/10 Working Database of All Earmarks Included in the Omnibus Spending Bill Files
12/14/10 Dr. Coburn Has Filed the Following Amendments to H.R.4853, the Latest Middle Class Tax Relief Act
12/9/10 Congress’ End-Of-Year Spending Bill Empowers Bureaucrats and Funds The Controversial New Federal Health Care Law
Date Title
11/17/10 Today, Dr. Coburn filed two amendments to the Food Safety bill
11/10/10 Earmark Myths and Realities
Date Title
10/26/10 What Others Are Saying About "Grim Diagnosis"
10/7/10 Dr. Coburn Not Holding Aid to Haiti
Date Title
9/29/10 Dr. Coburn Introduces Bill To Stop Medicare and Medicaid Fraud “FAST”
9/29/10 Dr. Coburn Plans to Offer Nine Bills by Requesting Passage by Unanimous Consent Before the Senate Adjourns
9/24/10 Dr. Coburn Introduces Ensuring Greater Food Safety Act of 2010
9/23/10 Today, Dr. Coburn Cosponsored a Bill to Strike CLASS Act Provision in New Health Care Law
9/15/10 Detailed Concerns with S.510, the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010
9/8/10 What Happens to Americans Without Health Insurance?
Date Title
8/27/10 How Much Does the Federal Health Overhaul Cost States?
8/25/10 Dr. Coburn Requests HHS Secretary Sebelius Provide “Open And Transparent Accounting” Of How Americans’ Tax Dollars Are Spent
8/17/10 Dr. Coburn is original co-sponsor of the Health Care Bureaucrats Elimination Act, S.3653
8/11/10 Revealing New Study: Medicaid Patients More Likely to Die After Surgery, Have Longer Stay and Higher Costs
8/5/10 Coburn, Hatch Introduce Bill to Exclude Abortion Coverage from Health Care Law
8/5/10 First Findings From Medicare Trustees Report
8/5/10 Today, Senator Coburn sent a letter to GOP colleagues that could save taxpayers $2 billion
8/3/10 Sens. Coburn, Barrasso, Burr, McCain & Thune Send Letter to Sec. Sebelius Questioning HHS Campaign Ad
Date Title
7/21/10 Dr. Coburn Introduces Bill Prioritizing Treatment in Global AIDS Effort
7/21/10 Coburn Motions to Suspend the Rules to Pay For The Extension of Unemployment Benefits
7/15/10 Financial Reform's Empty Promises
7/7/10 Bad Medicine: a check-up on the new federal health law by Drs. Coburn & Barrasso
7/2/10 Dr. Coburn to Host Town Hall Meetings in Oklahoma
Date Title
6/30/10 Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee Reach Day 3 of SCOTUS Nominee Hearing on Elena Kagan
6/30/10 SCOTUS gun ruling a prelude to bigger fights on individual rights
6/30/10 Sens. Coburn, Cornyn, Thune, McCain, and LeMieux Ask HHS OIG About Waste, Fraud, and Abuse Under the New Health Law
6/30/10 Some Americans Have Already Lost Their Health Coverage As a Result of the New Health Care Law
6/29/10 New Health Law: Cuts Nearly $530 Billion From Medicare For New Entitlement Program
6/28/10 Dr. Coburn's opening remarks at the Judiciary Committee hearing of Elena Kagan Files
6/24/10 Dr. Coburn's Bipartisan Legislation, S.3335 the Earmark Transparency Act of 2010 Now Being Considered in the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Gov't Affairs
6/22/10 Important News for Contractors and Renovators: EPA Delays Enforcement of Lead-Based Paint Rule
6/20/10 Joint Committee on Taxation: Only 7% of Americans Receive Insurance Subsidy Under New Health Law
6/17/10 Dr. Coburn Offers Amendment #4331 to the Tax Extenders Bill
6/17/10 Dr. Coburn Supports Thune Amendment to Tax Extenders Bill & Calls Washington Out for Saying No to Cutting Spending
6/16/10 The Earmark Transparency Act (S.3335) totals 24 co-sponsors
6/9/10 Dr. Coburn Has Filed the "Debt Extenders" Pay For Amendment 4331 to H.R. 4213, the Tax Extenders Act
6/9/10 Why Words Are Not Enough From a Supreme Court Nominee Files
Date Title
5/27/10 Senate Votes to Undermine Troops, Country with More Borrowing and Debt
5/27/10 New CRS Memo Confirms: New Tax for Insured Americans, Free Care for Illegal Immigrants
5/26/10 Coburn Letter to Debt Commission on Defense Spending
5/26/10 Dr. Coburn has Filed the Following Amendments to Offset the Cost of the War Supplemental Bill Files
5/18/10 Dr. Coburn Asks Colleagues to Support Him in Paying for the Cost of the Annual Supplemental War Appropriations Bill Files
5/12/10 The CMS Actuary released new analysis of the final version of the new federal health care law
5/11/10 Dr. Coburn Has Introduced Bipartisan Legislation Creating Earmark Database Files
5/6/10 Today, Dr. Coburn Filed Amendment 3996 to the Financial Regulations Bill S.3217, Requiring the Elimination of Secret Spending
5/5/10 New CRS Memo Confirms Enforcement of Individual Mandate Penalties Is Destined for Failure
Date Title
4/28/10 Senate Committee Accepts Unprecedented Earmark Ban in Disaster-Related Program
4/27/10 Opening Statement of Senator Tom Coburn
4/27/10 Today, Dr. Coburn will participate in the first meeting of the President’s Debt Commission taking place at the White House
4/26/10 CRS Reports Explain the Effects of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on Americans and Pre-existing Health Care Provisions
4/22/10 Dr. Coburn Requests Explanation From OPM For Spending Taxpayers Dollars on Campaign to Improve Public's View of Government
4/13/10 Dr. Coburn Filed the Following Amendments to the Unemployment Insurance Extensions Bill
4/7/10 CRS Confirms Sex Offenders Could Get Viagra Through New Health Law
4/2/10 Members of Congress Get Special Treatment to Avoid Requirements of New Federal Health Care Law
Date Title
3/25/10 Coburn Demands Extensions Bill Be Paid For
3/25/10 Senator Coburn Filed the Following Amendments to the Reconciliation Bill
3/23/10 Senator Coburn has filed the following amendments to the reconciliation bill
3/19/10 At a news conference yesterday, Dr. Coburn vowed to block any special deals for House members who switch their vote from “no” to “yes” on the health care bill.
3/15/10 "Dear Colleague" Letter: Majority of Physicians Reject Current Bills
3/8/10 Groups endorse Coburn PAYGO amendment
3/3/10 Coburn PAYGO Amendment
Date Title
2/22/10 Guns in Parks Fact Sheet
Date Title
1/26/10 Coburn Calls on Congress to Eliminate Government Spending
1/20/10 Coburn Offers Amendment to Reduce Federal Spending, Not Increase National Debt
1/12/10 23 GOP Senators Send Letter to Sen. Harry Reid on health bills' compliance with Honest Leadership & Open Government Act of 2007
1/7/10 Coburn Letter on Southers Reservations and Objections
Date Title
12/21/09 Coburn Highlights Government Waste and the Need for Greater Congressional Oversight
12/6/09 Senate Health Care Bill Costs Taxpayers $6.8 million per word
12/3/09 Coburn Amendments to the Democrat Health Care Bill
Date Title
11/18/09 Coburn's efforts to improve the Caregiver and Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act
11/5/09 Facts about the Veterans Caregiver Bill
Date Title
10/14/09 Medicaid Malpractice: New CRS Memo Confirms Medicaid Patients Have Higher Rate of Infant Mortality
10/7/09 Commerce, Justice & Science Appropriations Bill Amendments and Background
Date Title
9/29/09 Coburn Amendments to the Defense Appropriations Bill
9/23/09 The Health Care Debate and What it Means to You
9/22/09 Dr. Coburn's Interior Appropriations Amendments and Background
9/15/09 Coburn Amendments to THUD Appropriations Bill
Date Title
8/6/09 Clunkers for Charity
8/4/09 Coburn Amendments to the Agriculture Appropriations Bill
Date Title
7/29/09 Coburn's 2010 Energy and Water Appropriations
7/9/09 Coburn Letter to Budget Director on Stimulus Performance Metrics Files
7/6/09 Coburn Raises Constitutional Point of Order Against Lone Earmark in Legislative Branch Approps Bill
7/6/09 Coburn Amendment puts Senate Expenditures Online
Date Title
6/16/09 Dr. Coburn Releases Stimulus Oversight Report
6/2/09 Coburn Amendments to the Family Smoking and Prevention Act
Date Title
5/12/09 Coburn Gun Amendments 1067 and 1068
5/5/09 Coburn Offers Amendment to Dispose of Unneeded Federal Buildings
5/1/09 OMB Responds to Coburn's Letter on Transparency
Date Title
4/22/09 Coburn Amendments to The Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act
Date Title
3/31/09 $3.9 trillion 2010 Budget Resolution Amendments and Highlights
3/17/09 Omnibus Lands Package, AKA Anti-Stimulus, Returns to Senate
3/2/09 Coburn Corruption and Waste Elimination Amendments Files
3/2/09 Omnibus Highlights and Numbers Files
Date Title
2/13/09 Update on Coburn Provisions and Waste in Final Stimulus Bill
2/9/09 Coburn list of wasteful, non-stimulative spending in new stimulus
2/5/09 Coburn's Amendments to the Generational Theft Act, AKA Senate Stimulus Files
2/3/09 Coburn Fights Generational Theft Act, AKA Senate Stimulus Bill Files
Date Title
1/29/09 Senate Rejects Opportunity to Provide Health Care to Needy Children at No Additional Cost Files
1/7/09 Senate Leaders to Kick Off New Congress with an Earmark-Laden Omnibus Lands Bill Files
Date Title
10/16/08 Highlights of Senator Reid's Omnibus Lands Grab and Energy Restrictions Act Scheduled for Debate Next Month Files
Date Title
9/27/08 Coburn Comments on the Fiscal Year 2009 Continuing Resolution
9/26/08 Reid Neglects Economy to Pursue Pet Projects
9/17/08 Reid's Monkey Business Continues Files
Date Title
8/21/08 Coburn Applauds HHS Action on Physician Conscience Rights Files
8/1/08 Democrats Hold Civil Rights and Child Pornography Legislation as a Political Hostage
Date Title
7/30/08 NIH Director to Congress: Disease-Specific Mandates Undermine Potential for New Scientific Discoveries
7/28/08 Reid Omnibus: By the Numbers
7/25/08 CBO Says Reid Omni Costs $10 Billion to Implement Files
7/24/08 Dr. Coburn's Good Faith Negotiations Ignored Files
7/21/08 Reid's National Priorities? Files
7/2/08 Dr. Coburn's Reauthorization Agenda: SAVE PEPFAR!
7/2/08 The U.S. Presidential Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)
7/1/08 Reauthorization Legislation Threatens Successful PEPFAR Program
7/1/08 Preserving the Winning Formula on Global AIDS
Date Title
Date Title
5/22/08 African AIDS treatment advocates could force a hold on PEPFAR bill among US Senators
5/16/08 USDA Spends Over $90 Million on Conferences
5/13/08 U.S. Senators Support African AIDS Delegation Call to Save Seven Million Lives through PEPFAR
5/8/08 Dam Needed to Stop Flood of Debt to Next Generation
Date Title
4/28/08 Dr. Coburn's Rejects Idea of New Government Bureaucracy
4/22/08 FY 2008 Federal Government Spending Breakdown per Household
4/11/08 Coburn Calls for Investigation into Coconut Road Earmark
4/10/08 Coburn Protects Land Owners from Government Bureaucrats
4/3/08 Coburn Fights for Veterans and Fights Against Wasteful Spending
Date Title
3/14/08 Dr. Coburn's Efforts Fix GINA
3/11/08 Coburn's Speech on the 2009 Budget
3/3/08 Dr. Coburn Amendment to Ensure Scientists Conduct Research, Not Politicians
Date Title
2/14/08 Dr. Coburn's amendments to fix the broken Indian Health Care system
Date Title
1/29/08 Dr. Coburn's Federal Land Bill Amendments
1/24/08 Coburn's official visit to Taiwan
Date Title
12/18/07 Additional Information on the Omnibus
12/17/07 Omnibus Spending Shows Congress is Out of Touch With American Priorities
12/14/07 Coburn Amendment Protects Taxpayers from Excessive FHA Liability
12/12/07 Holding Strong Against Wasteful Spending
12/10/07 Dr. Coburn Cuts Wasteful Spending in the Farm Bill
12/6/07 Omnibus Appropriations Bill Would Result in Earmark Explosion
12/5/07 Dr. Coburn Tells Colleagues He Will Fight Year End Spending Spree in Congress
Date Title
11/8/07 Defense Conference Report Loaded with Pork
11/6/07 Dr. Coburn's amendments to the Farm Bill
11/6/07 Citizen Groups Support Coburn 'No-Bid' Earmarks Amendment
11/2/07 Dr. Coburn Urges Politicians to Put Patients Ahead of Politics
Date Title
10/31/07 Coburn Amendments to Amtrak Reauthorization Bill
10/17/07 Coburn Amendments to Labor/HHS/Education FY08 Appropriations Bill
10/4/07 Dr. Coburn's Amendments to Commerce, Justice and Science FY08 Approps
10/4/07 Expanding SCHIP Is Move Toward Government-Run Health Care
Date Title
9/28/07 Dr. Coburn Explains Hold on NICS bill
9/21/07 Dr. Coburn Seeks Senate Vote on Raising the Debt Limit
9/20/07 Dr. Coburn Offers Amendments to FY 2008 Defense Authorization Bill
9/18/07 Dr. Coburn's amendments to the DC College Access Act
9/12/07 Dr. Coburn Requests Oversight Report on Transportation Earmarks
9/11/07 Dr. Coburn's amendment to the FY 2008 Transportation/HUD Appropriations bill
Date Title
8/28/07 Congress celebrates the Year of the Golden Pig
Date Title
7/31/07 New Senate ethics bill eviscerates earmark reform
7/25/07 Coburn, DeMint amendment to DHS appropriations bill would prohibit earmarking "no bid" government grants and contracts
7/23/07 Dr. Coburn's amendments to the 2007 Higher Education Act reauthorization
7/19/07 Judiciary committee approves Dr. Coburn's amendments on patent reform
7/19/07 Dr. Coburn asks Pentagon to review all defense earmarks
7/17/07 Dr. Coburn's amendments to the DoD authorization bill
Date Title
6/12/07 Dr. Coburn asks President Bush to fulfill border security provisions
6/11/07 Dr. Coburn urges the Judiciary Committee for more consideration of patent reform bill
6/7/07 Dr. Coburn Stands for Science - Rachel Carson and the Death of Millions
6/7/07 Dr. Coburn's "trigger" amendment to S. 1348, the immigration reform bill
6/5/07 Dr. Coburn inquires about spending for NOAA's anniversary celebrations
Date Title
5/31/07 Dr. Coburn writes HHS about HIV/AIDS mismanagement in Puerto Rico
5/22/07 Dr. Coburn to amend "no confidence" in Gonzales resolution
5/10/07 Congress fails to set priorities with current WRDA bill
5/9/07 Senate Passes Bill Penalizing 'Medical' Marijuana Dealers
Date Title
4/24/07 Dr. Coburn's amendments to the America COMPETES Act, S. 761
4/24/07 Senate Armed Services Committee allowing senators to request earmarks from which they or their spouse could financially benefit
4/18/07 Dr. Coburn urges Senate to offset new spending rather than add to the national debt
4/12/07 Dr. Coburn writes Secretary Geren about the Army's rifle procurement process
4/12/07 Dr. Coburn seeks to enforce earmark disclosure requirements
Date Title
3/26/07 Senate supplemental funding bill loaded with pork, non-emergency items
3/14/07 The 9/11 Commission bill
3/12/07 Senate breaking earmark moratorium, gearing up for 2008 requests
3/5/07 Sacrifice - the great American heritage
Date Title
2/14/07 Debating the continuing resolution
2/7/07 What's next for the War in Iraq?
Date Title
1/30/07 Do we need to increase the federal mininum wage? Files
1/12/07 Real reform for the Senate ethics bill
1/4/07 The Coburn Principles
Date Title
12/14/06 109th Congress Convenes
Date Title
11/16/06 Coburn amendments to the Agriculture Appropriations bill
Date Title
10/19/06 Subcommittee Oversight Efforts Identify $1.1 TRILLION in Waste or Questionable Spending
10/10/06 Coburn Seeks Passage of 'Earmark Report Card'
10/6/06 Major HIV/AIDS Oversight Action
10/1/06 Global AIDS Treatment Cost - Can we afford to treat 7 million as Dr. Coburn demands?
Date Title
9/26/06 Ryan White CARE Act Reauthorization
9/26/06 President Bush Signs Coburn/Obama Transparency Act
Date Title
8/23/06 Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act Files
8/2/06 Coburn amendments to the Department of Defense Appropriations bill
Date Title
7/17/06 Major Points For Ethical Stem Cell Research and Against Embryonic Stem Cell Research
7/14/06 Stem Cell Facts and Resources
7/12/06 Coburn amendments to Homeland Security appropriations bill
Date Title
6/22/06 Coburn amendments to Defense authorization bill
6/9/06 Improve Access, Quality of Health Care Files
6/7/06 Stop the Senate from approving the Native Hawaiian Government Reform Act
6/7/06 Senate rejects Marriage Protection Amendment
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5/2/06 Stop the Senate from approving non-emergency projects in the emergency supplemental
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12/14/05 Dr. Coburn letter to HHS on Ryan White CARE Act formulas and ADAP funding