Right Now

Senators Hatch, Grassley and Coburn wrote a letter asking CMS about when Congress can expect CMS to begin utilizing the moratorium authority granted to HHS. 

Date Title
3/28/13 Current record
3/28/13 Duplication Nation: New Report Identifies 82 Fragmented Federal Wind-Related Programs Costing Billions
3/27/13 Sequester This: Dr. Coburn Calls on Agencies to Cut AWOL Workers Before Furloughing Critical Employees
3/27/13 Dr. Coburn Releases Letter Exchange Regarding DHS Grants Being Used to Pay Police Overtime
3/22/13 Dr. Coburn to Host Town Hall Meetings in Oklahoma
3/21/13 Coburn Offers Amendments to the Senate Budget, Says Everyone is Part of the Solution
3/21/13 Coburn and Issa to USPS: Use Your Authority to Proceed with Modified Six-Day Delivery Plans
3/20/13 Senate Votes to Protect Wine Trains over White House Tours; Limits Political Science Grants
3/13/13 Dr. Coburn Offers Amendments to 587-Page, $1 Trillion Continuing Resolution to Fund the Government
3/13/13 Sequester This: Dr. Coburn Calls on Treasury to Place Priority on Tax Payers Instead of Tax Collectors
3/12/13 Sequester This: Dr. Coburn Calls on National Science Foundation to Focus on Transformative Science; Eliminate Funds for Robot Rodents and Attendance to Snow Mobile Conferences
3/8/13 Dr. Coburn Releases Letter to Sen. Schumer on Gun Negotiations Files
3/8/13 Sequester This: Coburn Calls on HUD to Stop Overpaying Slumlords, Housing Authority Executives in Order to Prevent Low-Income Families from Being Evicted
3/7/13 Sequester This: Dr. Coburn Calls on FAA to Stop Hiring Community Planners and Program Assistants, Institute Reforms to Programs Not Releated to Flight Safety
3/6/13 Sequester This: Potentially Furloughed Employees Stay Home Because of SnowQuester, But Feds Still Hiring for Nonessential Positions
3/5/13 Dr. Coburn Releases Joint Letter to FDA on Abuse-Deterrent Opioid Drugs
3/4/13 Sequester This: Dr. Coburn Calls on USDA to Cancel Conferences and Instead Inspect Food