Right Now

Today, the Senate is expected to vote on Coburn amendment 1738which calls for the elimination of $10 billion in duplicative and unnecessary spending that has been identified in two recent GAO reports.

This year’s GAO report identified billions in additional duplication and chastised Congress and the administration for doing little to address problems identified in last year’s report. As Greg Korte with USA Today reported on February 28, 2012: “Last year's report identified 81 areas to make government more efficient. Congress and the Obama administration have implemented just four of those.”

Unfortunately, Senator Reid has not brought a single bill to the floor to eliminate duplication identified in last year’s report, which he praised. On May 4, 2011, Reid said on the Senate floor, “He [Dr. Coburn] got a GAO report that shows all kinds of redundancies and overlapping. Those are places we can cut money. Let’s do it.”

The Coburn amendment is a terrific opportunity for Senators to tell the American people they ‘get it’ and are serious about setting priorities and cutting wasteful spending.

Additional information and highlights of this year’s GAO report: here