Right Now

NIH Director, Dr. Elias Zerhouni, sent a letter about disease-specific funding to the Ranking Member and Chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, Representatives Barton and Dingell.  


"I am pleased to report that trans-NIH research has become a vital component of our research enterprise. The NIH Reform Act has enabled this Agency to adapt to new research opportunities while continuing to pursue the latest and best science. Congress has appropriated $495.6 million to support such coordinated research projects as molecular libraries, metabolomics technology development, the human microbiome, epigenomics, computational biology, clinical research and high risk science. These endeavors reflect the value of research not defined by any single disease, but by gaps in our knowledge of human biological systems that play a role in all diseases...this trend should continue in the best interest of scientific discovery" (Dr. Zerhouni, NIH letter to Barton & Dingell 6/30/08)

Full text of the letter here.