Right Now

Dr. Coburn spoke on the Senate floor today regarding SCHIP and why the current proposal to expand the program is really an attempt to move the country toward government-run health care.  Click here to read more about the SCHIP expansion and why it's the first step in moving our country to government-run health care.

"Our health care system ought to be about freedom and choice and personal responsibility and, yes, it ought to be about helping those that need our he help.  But, quite frankly, if you're making $80,000 a year in this country, we ought to be about paying off debt rather than paying for your child's health insurance," Dr. Coburn said.

As we look at ways to get everyone in this country access to health care, we should do so in a way that’s truly American and secures choice and access.  Click here to read more about Dr. Coburn's prescription for health care reform in America.