Press Room

Mr. COBURN. "Mr. President, the problems in front of our country are not unsolvable. As a matter of fact, every one of them is solvable. Our country has a history of doing hard things. What we lack is leadership to call us to do those hard things. We find ourselves at a point in time when the greatest threat to our Nation is our debt and our economy. We are risking our future, not only our future economically, but our future of liberty. What we have had, I would remind my colleagues, is a history in the Senate of doing hard things. Under the leadership of Senator Reid, the Senate has not attempted to do hard things. What it has attempted to do is abandon the tasks that should be in front of us.

"America deserves better. It deserves better leadership. It deserves leadership based on bringing this country together rather than dividing this country. Not having a fiscal plan to solve the greatest issues in front of our country is an absolute failure of leadership. Where is the Senate majority leader's, where is the President's plan to solve our problems?"